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The Salem Concord  consists of four books.

Book 1 Interview for a Wizard

Book 2 The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

Book 3 The Sorcerer's Secret

Book 4 The Last Sorcerer

Hi, I'm Jesse Alexander, and if you're reading this, I'm guessing its because you want to know more.  The four books of the Salem Concord are about my adventure.  It started when I was hired to work at Alivan's Wizards and Witches Corner Store.  I thought it was an easy job.  The last thing I ever expected was that I would have to help a secret agent wizard called Beifar Mahgo stop a mad wizard from scaring everyone to death at my favorite theme park.  That was only the beginning!  Things got more complicated, and with the help of his two teenage kids we found ourselves trying to prevent another Salem Witch War!. You know, that was the war back in the 17 century that we Folk call the Salem Witch Trials.  Yeah, exactly, history was altered to keep the Salem Concord.  That's the peace treaty that was signed by leaders of Salem and the Wizardry.  It allows everyone to live together except magic has to remain a secret, and that's what The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers wanted to change.  Under the leadership of one very dark sorcerer, they want to break the treaty and start the war with the aid of a very powerful magical weapon.  Things get so complicated, that I can't explain it all here., but I'm sure you guessed it, we have to stop them or get the secret weapon first.  You'll just have to read the books.  What's my favorite part? Broom flight!  There's a lot of that.  So if you like adventure, magic and mystery, check out the Salem Concord.  I warn you, hold on to your broom! There's wicked witches and dark wizards, enchanted pumpkins, zombies and trolls, secret Wizardry agents and secret government agents, but the most challenging were the Mahgo brothers.  Seriously, trying to save the world with two teenagers and their numbskull friends who know less about magic than I do was ridiculous.  Oh, and I almost forgot there is a little romance.  Well, what's a good story without a little romance.  Teenage boys and girls, go figure.




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